Fire and Paramedic companies are tasked with difficult and dangerous jobs.  Many of them done as a volunteer by members of your community.  In order to operate, many Fire and Paramedic Companies must conform with New York's Not-For-Profit Corporations Law, Town Law, General Municipal Law, Contract Law, and Workers' Compensation Law.  These laws are constantly changing and leave Fire and Paramedic Companies scrambling to ensure they are complying with every possible law and regulation.  Instead, they should be focusing on their very important job, keeping everyone safe.

At Hardy Marble LLP we strive to take that load off of our Fire and Paramedics Companies.  With our vast knowledge of all of the areas of law frequently confronted by our Fire Companies, we can best handle and navigate our clients through the changing laws and regulations, so they can focus more on the job at hand.  Even now, it is so critically important that the Fire Companies stay in compliance for contractual reasons but also liability reasons.  The failure to stay properly incorporated with up to date bylaws could be problematic for many fire companies.

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